Idaho counselor bills Medicaid for rap concert, sentenced to 30 days in jail for fraud

Idaho counselor sentenced for Medicaid fraud

Classical music listeners in Fla. interrupted with rap, profane language from pirate station

Pirate rap station interrupts broadcasts in Fla.

A real page-turner: Historian stops UK traffic after book-laden truck overturns on highway

UK book halts traffic after truck turns over

Sheriff says source of bomb scare along Ohio tracks probably prop from Denzel Washington film

Ohio sheriff: Suspected bomb likely a movie prop

Wisconsin police say street musician upset by criticism bashed man over head with guitar

Wis. police: Street musician hit man with guitar

Diane von Furstenberg designs hospital gowns at Cleveland Clinic that lose peek-a-boo back

Diane von Furstenberg designs Ohio hospital gowns

A class to die for: Course at University of Baltimore is a real thriller, call it Zombies 101

A class to die for: Zombies 101 at U. Baltimore

Want your ‘Bad Romance’? Towering carillon chimes Lady Gaga hit across Iowa State campus

Iowa State carillon lets Lady Gaga hit chime

Colorado fife-and-drum duo, fixture at tea party gatherings, splits over political differences

Colorado tea party music duo splits over politics

Porn video airs on computer screens at Indonesia’s Parliament

the parliament || canon350d

Vt. man jailed and “cow tenders” appointed after rash of vandalism on public art sculptures

Vt. man jailed in vandalization of cow sculptures

Pigeon infestation _ and droppings _ force premature halt to Kings of Leon St Louis concert

Pigeon droppings halt Kings of Leon concert

Border agents say New York man explains away ankle monitor as support for actress Linday Lohan

Man at border: Ankle monitor is support for Lohan

Princess Diana’s hair at your breakfast table? UK company sells jam it says is royal hair

Jam said to be made from Princess Di’s hair

Princess Diana’s hair at your breakfast table? UK company sells jam made with royal hair

Royal hair: Jam made from Princess Di’s hair

Barkeep whose flaming liquor show was seen in ‘Real Housewives of NYC’ arrested for ‘fireball’

NY barkeep famed for flaming liquor stunt arrested

Shaq issues one-on-one challenge _ in spelling, not hoops _ to last year’s bee champion

Shaq issues a one-on-one challenge _ in spelling

Statue of god of the dead joins towering blue horse with red eyes outside Denver airport

Denver airport’s latest sculpture: God of the dead

Construction sign flashes passionate lyrics to rush-hour motorists in central Wisconsin

Road construction sign woos Wisconsin motorists

NY house made famous in 1979 film ‘Amityville Horror’ for sale for $1.15M, ghosts not included

‘Amityville Horror’ home for sale in NY for $1.15M

Surprise: Donor asks Fla. museum if it wants to see O’Keeffe painting, then donates it

Donor surprises Fla. museum with an O’Keeffe

Music booster club at Ill. school to sell alpaca manure as fund-raiser

School music booster club to sell alpaca manure

‘Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes’ wins UK prize for year’s oddest book title

Book mixing math and crochet wins UK ‘odd’ prize

Pittsburgh man finds cold intruder in bed with him, holds him at bay with bat for police

Pittsburgh man finds cold intruder in bed with him

Sleeping Pa. man gets the shock of his life after cold intruder climbs into bed with him

Sleeping man shocked after cold man jumps into bed

Green Bay’s most stolen street sign? Not Lombardi Avenue or Brett Favre Pass, but Mullet Place

Green Bay’s most stolen street sign? Mullet place

Man unharmed after crashing his car into barn after steering wheel pops off

Man OK after steering wheel pops off while driving

Sheriff says claustrophobic deputy tried to shoot his way out of cell in brand-new courthouse

Ky. deputy tries to shoot his way out of cell

Fog from music video shoot prompts report of fire in 19th century Pa. home-turned-restaurant

Fog from music video shoot spurs Pa. fire report

5,200 strip for nude photo shoot at Sydney Opera House by photographer Tunick

5,200 Australians bare all for photo shoot

NC man jailed for 3 days as probation violator for appearing on Jerry Springer show

NC man violates probation to appear on Springer

New Mexico parents upset after students accidentally shown a few seconds of porn in mix-up

N.M. parents upset over porn mix-up in classroom

Worm hunters, lethal robots and Nazi spoons in race for year’s oddest book title prize

Worm hunters, Nazi spoons vie for odd-book prize

Web designer sells Detroit lot for $1 per sq. inch in art project about filling vacant space

Web designer sells Detroit lot for $1 per sq. inch

So you think you can dance at the Jefferson Memorial? Judge says no, rules against woman

Judge: Dance parties a no-no at Jefferson Memorial

Game over: Wisconsin inmate loses legal fight to play Dungeons & Dragons behind bars

Game over: Inmate can’t play Dungeons & Dragons

Wis. man ‘rocking out’ to the music of John Denver cited for unnecessary loud noise

Wis. man cited for ‘rocking out’ to John Denver

Honey, keep your eyes on the road: Moscow highway electronic billboard shows porn video

Porn video shown on Moscow highway billboard

Tenn. residents alarmed that man wants to convert home into music studio and fertility service

Tenn. neighbors balk at home fertility-music biz

Minn. police say man who wanted ‘trouble’ jailed after smashing TV at Target with baseball bat

Police: Man seeking ‘trouble’ smashes TV with bat

4-ton sculpture missing from Utah motorcycle shop found; sculptor had taken it back

4-ton sculpture missing from Utah shop is found