Idaho counselor bills Medicaid for rap concert, sentenced to 30 days in jail for fraud

Idaho counselor sentenced for Medicaid fraud

University of Idaho athletic director gets wish, Horizon Air to paint plane in school colors

Horizon Air to paint plane in U. of Idaho colors

Idaho fire destroys quirky ’shoe tree’ attraction; cedar decorated with shoes since the 1940s

Idaho tree decorated with shoes since 1940s burns

Idaho police arrest woman accused of dumping condiments in library book drops

Idaho cops catch up with alleged condiment vandal

Maybe he should have weeded sooner: Idaho man finds pot plants in overgrown yard

Idaho man finds weed in his weeds

BOISE, Idaho — A man probably wishes that he started weeding in his yard sooner. That’s after he told police that he discovered a tray of some 28 marijuana seedlings in an overgrown portion of the backyard near his Moscow home. The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reported the seedlings were between 2- and 4-inches tall already.

Police suspect 74-year-old Boise woman poured mayonnaise, ketchup in library book drop box

Idaho woman suspect in library condiment vandalism

Idaho police arrest woman, 74, for allegedly pouring mayonnaise in library’s book drop box

Cops bust woman, 74, for pouring mayo in book drop