Idaho counselor bills Medicaid for rap concert, sentenced to 30 days in jail for fraud

Idaho counselor sentenced for Medicaid fraud

Texas woman, 81, accused of using dead sister’s identity to vote 2nd time in 2008 election

Texas octogenarian arrested on voter fraud charge

Pa. waitress claimed injury, is charged with fraud after getting caught working as stripper

Pa. woman’s stripper job leads to fraud charges

Ex-LA mortuary worker guilty of insurance fraud that included cremating mannequin, cow parts

Ex-LA mortuary worker guilty of faking funerals

Fairy tale fraud: Prosecutors say man took $15K to marry Bosnian woman in fairy tale wedding

ND man charged with fraud after fairy tale wedding

Del. man accused of faking academic credentials to get into Harvard pleads not guilty

Man accused of duping Harvard pleads not guilty

Delaware man charged with faking his way into Harvard, duping school out of $45,000 in funds

Del. man charged with faking his way into Harvard

Pa. woman faces charges after authorities say she worked as stripper while on worker’s comp

Stripper accused of committing worker’s comp fraud

A fraud bust, indeed: Sheriff’s deputies say suspect had $26,000 in bra when booked

Police: Woman in bust hid nearly $26,000 in bra

Fla. man faces fraud charges for allegedly posing as twin during DUI arrest

Fla. man charged with posing as twin after DUI