Pa. blood bank worker won’t be charged for accidentally showing porn at high school assembly

Pa. blood bank worker won’t be charged for porn

Porn video airs on computer screens at Indonesia’s Parliament

the parliament || canon350d

Mass. city councilor wants to name and shame people who access porn on library computers

Mass. official aims to shame library porn viewers

Pa. man allegedly stole more than 300 porn DVDs from adult bookstore, charged with burglary

Pa. man allegedly stole 300 porn DVDs

LANCASTER, Pa. — A central Pennsylvania man who allegedly stole more than 300 pornographic DVDs from an adult bookstore has been arrested.

Wisconsin appeals court orders prison officials to give inmate 4 photos of women in bikinis

Wisconsin court gives inmate gift: 4 bikini photos

Police: Prostitute didn’t know man she approached in unmarked car was Ohio town’s police chief

Prostitute tries to proposition Ohio police chief

Iowa police say man broke into a church and used electronic equipment to view porn

Police: Burglar uses church equipment to view porn

New Mexico parents upset after students accidentally shown a few seconds of porn in mix-up

N.M. parents upset over porn mix-up in classroom

Mother accused of arranging her daughter’s effort at prostitution, Iowa police say

Police: Iowa mom accused of pimping daughter

Iowa mother accused of arranging her daughter’s effort at prostitution

Iowa mother accused of pimping daughter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A Cedar Rapids woman was accused of arranging her daughter’s effort at prostitution. The woman, 60, was arrested Wednesday in connection with a Sept. 29 incident in Coralville. Police said the woman sent her daughter to meet an undercover officer who had contacted her during a prostitution investigation. According to police, the daughter, 37, was later charged with pandering.

Detroit man allegedly impersonates police officer and interferes with prostitution sting

Police: Man poses as cop, interferes in sex sting

Honey, keep your eyes on the road: Moscow highway electronic billboard shows porn video

Porn video shown on Moscow highway billboard

New Year’s revelers calling for free tow home in NM directed to porn line instead

Callers to free tow number directed to porn line