Officials in northwest Ohio say rats running across roads, yards, burrowing beneath dog houses

Rats run across roads, yards in northwest Ohio

Garbage van in Montana becomes animal trap after black bear breaks in, get stuck inside

Black bear breaks into MT van, gets stuck inside

Goats rescued after spending nearly 2 days on thin ledge of railway bridge above Mont. highway

Goats rescued after 2 days on 6-inch ledge in Mont

Officials to inspect Atlanta zoo after venomous rattlesnake escapes; snake later killed

Atlanta zoo to be inspected after snake escape

Days from death, Fla. wildlife officials free plastic jar that was stuck on bear cub’s head

Plastic jar removed from Fla. bear cub’s head

Brazen black bear breaks eludes capture after breaking into more than 20 Montana homes

Brazen black bear breaks into Montana houses

Brazen black bear breaks into houses in Montana

Brazen black bear breaks into MT houses

BILLINGS, Mont. — A brazen black bear believed responsible for about 21 break-ins in Montana over the past few weeks has so far eluded capture.

Montana paintball course closed after odor attracts unwanted guests: bears

Paintball course attracts unwanted guests: bears

Ky. humane society misidentifies woman’s dog as a coyote, sets it loose in the wild

Woman’s dog mistaken for coyote, set loose in wild

Here comes the stench: Rare ‘corpse flower’ blooming for 1st time could stink up Texas wedding

‘Corpse flower’ bloom could stink up Texas wedding

Puerto Ricans at a shopping mall surprised by more than 5-foot-long caiman

Big caiman spooks shoppers at Puerto Rico mall

Liberian elephant rampages against logging company; residents say elephant possessed by humans

Liberian elephant rampages against timber company

Idaho officials say man kept 25 rattlesnakes inside bucket in his apartment

Idaho man accused of keeping rattlers in apartment

Manatees looking for love get trapped in shallow Miami canal, rescued by wildlife officials

Trapped manatees looking for love rescued

MIAMI — A group of manatees looking for love are safe after being stranded in a shallow canal in Miami. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Jorge Pino said four or five male manatees were trying to mate with a female in the canal. Pino said the water in the canal may have been too dirty for the sea cows to see through. Wildlife officials managed to coerce all the manatees to swim out of the shallow area on Monday.

Police: Drunk Australian bitten by ‘Fatso’ the crocodile after trying to sit on animal’s back

Australian bitten while trying to sit on crocodile

Ore. city says its downtown overrun with wildlife after deer crashes into store’s window

Deer crashes through window of store in Ore. city

Black bear looking for new home camps out in tree in downtown of small central Oregon city

Black bear camps in tree in Ore. city’s downtown

Moose remains on the loose in Maine after running through a college campus and cemetery

Moose tours cemetery, remains loose in Maine

Arizona restaurant getting protests for serving lion meat burgers during World Cup competition

Arizona restaurant serving lion meat burgers

Minnesota wildlife managers ask drivers to brake for turtles as they try to cross roads

Minnesota asks drivers to brake for turtles

S. Calif. freeway closed while wildlife officials capture bear that wandered into lanes

Calif. freeway closed after bear wanders in lanes

Florida deputies say beekeeper stole bees, honey and equipment from his competitors

Deputies: Fla. beekeeper stole bees from rivals

Exotic Kinkajou, normally found in the trees of South America, found sleeping on Chicago porch

S. American critter found sleeping on Ill. porch

Oh baby! Wildlife officials discover abandoned weeks-old elk left on doorstep of Oregon office

Wildlife officials find baby elk left on doorstep

It’s a bee market! Workaholic bees swarm Wall Street on day when most traders have off

It’s a bee market! Worker bees swarm Wall Street

It’s the stork’s turn for a special delivery: Stork eggs hatch at Chicago zoo

Special delivery! Chicago zoo gets 3 stork chicks

City animal control officers begin to remove hundreds of large feral rats from N.M. home

Hundreds of large feral rats found in N.M. home

Picture-snapping Smokies hiker suffers minor injury after being bitten by black bear

Minor injury for photo-taking hiker bitten by bear

Zoe the domestic tabby adopts abandoned bobcats at Carolina Wildlife Care

Domestic tabby in SC adopts abandoned bobcats

Ark. family members make mistake of sampling gar eggs, become violently ill from toxin

Ark. family learns the hard way gar eggs are toxic

Biologist, firefighters and police free Vermont bear with head stuck in milk can

Vermont bear with head stuck in milk can rescued

Are 9 legs better than 8? Surprised Fla. chef notices steamed octopus has an extra limb

Fla. chef has 9 reasons his octopus tastes better

Reptile Xing ahead: Vermont town gets $150,000 grant to create salamander road crossing

Vt. town gets $150K grant for salamander crossing

‘Tony’ the Siberian tiger tranquilized, hauled out of moat at San Francisco zoo after 4 nights

‘Tony’ the tiger pulled from moat at SF zoo

Duchess the orangutan turns 50 at Phoenix Zoo; celebration includes cake, gifts

Duchess the orangutan turns 50 at Phoenix Zoo

Police file public drunkenness charge against Pa. man seen trying to resuscitate roadkill

Police: Drunk Pa. man tried to revive dead opossum

NH firefighters say a nest built by rodents on pickup truck’s engine caused blaze

Firefighters blame rat’s nest for truck blaze

When horses fly: Helicopter rescues horse stranded nearly 5 days on Arizona sandbar

Helicopter rescues horse stranded on Ariz. sandbar

Miami man allegedly had followers drink snail mucus in rituals, causing violent illness

Devotees of Fla. man drank snail mucus in ritual

Devotees of Fla. man claim they ingested the mucus of a snail, causing violent illness

Devotees of Fla. man say they ingested snail mucus

Head of ‘Old Baldy,’ legendary Civil War horse, going back up after museums settle feud

‘Old Baldy’ horse head going back up in Philly

Monkey on the loose in Tampa Bay area shakes off drug darts, evades captors for over a year

Elusive Fla. monkey dodges captors, defies darts

Man rides to Kentucky church on horse with holstered gun, and disrupts service

Man with holstered gun rides horse to church

Atlanta police capture zebra after escape from circus and downtown chase that ends on highway

Police capture escaped zebra in downtown Atlanta

Arizona group calls attention to overpopulation with condoms featuring clever slogans

Group uses condoms in endangered species crusade

Dog waste problem piling up at popular forest trails in Jackson, Wyoming

Dog waste piling up at Wyoming forest trails

Chicken who played chicken with Calif. drivers now living with horse, bearded dragon, lizard

‘Chicken-playing’ chicken lives with horse, dragon

With no groundhogs, Alaska to celebrate its first Marmot Day, minus winter forecasts