Nev. mom who advertised home marijuana sale in neighborhood signs pleads guilty to drug charge

Mom behind apartment drug shop pleads guilty

Illinois police say napping man had a meth lab in bed of his truck

Police: Napping man had meth lab in bed of truck

Man cited after girlfriend tells Mo. police she’s tired of him smoking pot all day

Fed-up girlfriend calls 911 on pot-smoking beau

Fla. man cought with pot, cocaine in buttocks allegedly tells deputies ‘white stuff not mine’

Fla. man denies cocaine found in buttocks is his

Financially troubled western Pa. city lays off 9 workers, including 3 police officers and dog

Troubled W. Pa. city lays off 9, plus police dog

Police: NY mom left toddler alone in car parked outside home while she smoked marijuana

Police: Mom leaves toddler alone, smokes marijuana

Helena teen looking to buy pot pushes wrong number on phone, accidentally texts sheriff

Helena teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot

Montana teen looking to buy pot pushes wrong number on phone, accidentally texts sheriff

Montana teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot

Mass. police find kilo of cocaine hidden inside mailed chunk of bologna; homeowner arrested

Mass. police seize cocaine embedded in bologna

Mass. police arrested man after finding kilo of cocaine inside a chunk of bologna

Cops nab man after finding cocaine in bologna

Meth defendant in Washington goes to court with meth in pocket, now faces new drug charge

Meth defendant accused of going to court with meth

Authorities say an Ohio man was arrested for trying to bring pot to grandson in prison

Authorities: Grandfather accused of smuggling pot

Pa. man faces drug charges after allegedly admitted heroin dropped in bank belonged to him

Police: Pa. man admitted dropped heroin was his

No laughing matter: Judge sends North Carolina man to jail after he chuckles in courtroom

NC man sent to jail after laughing in courtroom

Drug suspect breaks sprinkler at California police station, floods building

Suspect breaks sprinkler at Calif. cop station

Package addressed from ‘Grandpa Henderson’ to ‘Grandma Henderson’ in Ala. contains marijuana

Package for ‘grandma’ contains 6 lbs. of drugs

Man arrested for allegedly growing marijuana in closet at Nevada home shared with mom

Man arrested for allegedly growing pot in closet

New Zealand drug dealer who kept girlfriend’s body on ice in California hotel is deported

Man who kept body on ice in California is deported

Malaysian woman charged with smuggling heroin in her bra at a bus terminal

Malaysian charged with smuggling heroin in her bra

Authorities arrest Pa. man they say tried to smuggle cocaine through airport in soup packets

Pa. man allegedly smuggles drugs in soup packets

Maryland trooper breaks his leg during chase, but still manages to arrest drug suspect

Maryland trooper breaks leg, still makes arrest

Mistaken call to 911 leads to drug arrest of man at a Washington hotel in room 119

Man in room 119 arrested after mistaken 911 call

Wrong number call to 911 leads to drug arrest of man in room 119 at a Washington hotel

Wrong number leads to arrest at a Washington motel

Women arrested for allegedly smuggling crystal methamphetamine inside Bible to jailed man

Women allegedly try to smuggle meth inside Bible

Police: Pair face charges after sale of fake cocaine in southern NJ spurs false robbery report

Police: Southern NJ ‘robbery’ was failed drug deal

Police say Pa. mom, son, forced man to strip down to boxers during botched drug deal

Police: Pa. pair forced man into boxers over drugs

Police: Suspect who escaped from NJ police car tried to gnaw off fingerprints

Police: NJ suspect tried to gnaw off fingertips

Georgia police arrest man twice on a day on the same drug charge

Georgia man arrested twice in day on drug charge

Tenn. meat salesman charged with swallowing half-burned marijuana joint as officers watched

Police say meat salesman swallowed marijuana joint

Border authorities find man trying to cross the border with two mowers stuffed with marijuana

Border agents find wrong kind of grass in mowers

Errant text message to police officer leads to arrests of 3 NY drug suspects, heroin seizure

Errant text to police leads to 3 NY drug arrests

Cops: Ohio inmate’s letter with wrong ZIP code returned to jail, revealed drug-smuggling plans

Ohio inmate’s letter to wrong address nets charges

Fla. man faces multiple charges after throwing cup at deputy’s patrol car

Fla. man arrested after throwing cup at patrol car

Okla. woman mistakenly sends text message about drugs to drug task force agent

Woman accused of sending text about drugs to agent

Iowa police say 77-year-old man allegedly swallowed a hidden pot stash in a squad car

Police: Man, 77, ate hidden pot stash in squad car

Man allegedly robs Idaho pharmacy, then throws cash on the counter before leaving

Man allegedly robs pharmacy, puts cash on counter

SC deputy arrests man on go-cart, arrests him on drug, drunkenness charges

SC cop stops go-cart, arrests man on drug charges

Police: Northeastern Pa. priest caught after allegedly buying cocaine in Philadelphia

Pa. police: Priest caught buying cocaine

PHILADELPHIA — A Roman Catholic priest from northeastern Pennsylvania is facing drug possession charges after police say he was caught buying cocaine in Philadelphia. Philadelphia police said Friday that 50-year-old James B. Shimsky, a priest in the Diocese of Scranton, was arrested last month.

Delaware teen found in homemade igloo with a survival knife, hammer, marijuana and two bongs

Del. teen found in igloo with pot, bongs, knife

Western Colo. pot smoker accused of offering bribe to try to pass urine drug test

Pot smoker accused of trying to bribe urine tester

Man booked with resisting an officer after allegedly eating marijuana after traffic stop

Don’t eat the grass: you may face new charge

Police say heroin addict who pretended to be western Pa. Kmart employee was really a thief

Police: say fake Pa. Kmart employee was thief

Court sniffs at ex-NYC officer’s claim of wife sabotaging drug test with pot-spiked meatballs

NY court sniffs at ex-cop’s drugged-dinner claim

Washington jail officials intercept donated melon filled with tobacco, drugs

Wash. jail officials intercept melon full of drugs

Colo. authorities say pair tried to sneak drugs into prison through courtroom jury box

Cops: Pair allegedly use jury box to smuggle drugs

Tenn. cops say woman arrested for cocaine possession claims she was eating a powdered doughnut

Cops: Woman claims white powder came from doughnut

Border inspectors in Calif smell something fishy, find 700 pounds of pot in sea bass container

Calif border inspectors find pot in fish container

Florida woman allegedly steals car on her first day out of prison

Fla. woman just out of prison allegedly steals car

Utah man asks to ‘plead up,’ says he wants more time in prison to help kick drug habit

Utah man asks to ‘plead up’ for more prison time

Judge: Walla Walla police can keep $401,000 found at vacant house — drug money forfeited

Judge says Walla Walla police can keep $401,000