Man arrives at police station with grenade, asks advice on what to do with it

Man arrives at Maine police station with grenade

Maine science teacher seeking home for surplus exotic animals from Smithsonian’s collection

Maine teacher seeks home for Smithsonian creatures

Students’ message in a bottle travels nearly 3,000 miles to the Azores

Students’ message in bottle ends up in the Azores

Maine family finds fake bomb in home that used to belong to late police chief

Maine family finds fake bomb in their new home

Something fishy: Another big herring spill in Maine dumps 22,000 pounds of fish in front yard

Sharp curve in Maine nets another big fish spill

Maine police say man torched old Mercedes and posted photos on Facebook

Police: Man torches car, posts photos on Facebook

Stolen high school ring returned to rightful owner in Maine after 28 years

28 years later, Maine woman gets stolen ring back

Moose remains on the loose in Maine after running through a college campus and cemetery

Moose tours cemetery, remains loose in Maine

Moose decides to cool off and take a dip at a beach in Maine

Moose decides to take dip at beach in Maine

Maine man who lost class ring while swimming in 1983 finds it in drained quarry

Maine man finds lost class ring 27 years later

The freshmaker and the furious: Maine pair use Mentos, Coke Zero to send vehicle 220 feet

Rocket science: Mentos, Coke Zero propel vehicle

Maine pair’s latest invention: A ‘rocket car’ powered by Diet Coke and Mentos

Sweet! Mainers make ‘rocket car’ with Mentos, soda

Maine osprey drops branch onto electric transmission line, knocking out power for 6,000

Osprey’s fumble cuts power to thousands in Maine

Women pushing equal-opportunity toplessness draw a crowd when they march shirtless in Maine

Equal time: Women hold topless march in Maine

Maine officials: That was no drowning snowmobiler on lake, it was probably a snacking otter

Otter mistaken for drowning snowmobiler in Maine

Maine man accused of spraying fox urine on protesters and police officer outside a restaurant

Man accused of spraying protesters with fox urine

Maine woman, 82, facing charges that she tried to bring a gun into a federal building

Woman, 82, accused of having gun in fed building