Traffic hot potato: Burning big-rig loaded with yams clogs LA-area freeway for 7 1/2 hours

LA-area freeway clogged by burning yam truck

Oakland commuter trains briefly halted after poodle gets off car, disappears down tunnel

Runaway poodle disrupts Oakland commuter trains

A real page-turner: Historian stops UK traffic after book-laden truck overturns on highway

UK book halts traffic after truck turns over

Police: Man arrested after crashing 2 cars, trying to tow them while intoxicated

Police: Man crashes, tries to tow cars while drunk

Conn. driver falls out of car on I-95; Dodge travels 0.2 more miles before crashing into pole

Conn. driver falls from car on I-95, Dodge goes on

Police: Sneezing fit caused central NY woman to crash car into trees, fence

Police: Sneezing fit caused NY woman to crash car

A wild and woolly ride: Truck overturns on I-80 in NJ, setting loose scores of sheep

Lambs on the lam: Sheep get loose in I-80 in NJ

Oregon State Police issue cat alert for feline that caused car crash

Cops issue cat alert for feline that caused wreck

Car kills wandering cow on Ohio interstate, police shoot second one to avoid another accident

Car kills wandering cow on Ohio interstate

The Great Escape: Cows make a moo-ving dash for salvation as truck to slaughterhouse overturns

Cows hoof it after slaughterhouse truck overturns

Callers mistake Coast Guard flare training for plane crash after agency forgot to inform city

Coast Guard training prompt 911 calls in Alaska

Police: NJ woman claimed carjacking, then sex-in-car crash, to hide theft of laptop computer

Cops: NJ woman made up carjacking, car-sex crash

Ohio police have to monkey around to rescue pet after crash involving truck carrying carcasses

Ohio crash leaves scared pet monkey atop pole

DC man arrested for stealing Metrobus, crashing it into tree and fleeing accident

DC man steals Metrobus, crashes into tree

WASHINGTON — Metro Transit Police officials are investigating how a 19-year-old D.C. man was able to steal a Metrobus, crash it into a tree and ultimately abandon the bus when officers stopped the vehicle. Police said they arrested the man on Friday and charged him with unauthorized use of a vehicle and fleeing an accident. No injuries were reported.

Naked Man in the middle of Interstate 405 in California startles drivers

Man in buff startles drivers on California freeway

Road to Heaven? Motorists in Italy steal euro10,000 ($12,580) in coins after truck overturns

Italian motorists steal euro10,000 ($12,580) in coins

Road to Heaven? Motorists in Italy steal €10,000 ($12,580) in coins after truck overturns

Italian motorists steal €10,000 ($12,580) in coins

Police say naked man yelling he’s ‘Jesus’ causes I-95 accident, delays traffic for 6 hours

Cops: Nude man yells he’s ‘Jesus’, causes accident

Police: Man who robbed Alaska bank fled on bike but was caught after crashing into patrol car

Alaska police stop bank robbery suspect on bike

Weekend forecast: Mostly froggy with threat of traffic; horde of frogs blocks Greek road again

Horde of frogs keeps Greek highway traffic slow

Md. homeless man who stole, crashed small plane did $12,000 in damage _ but will pay just $40

Md. man who stole, crashed plane to pay just $40

Woman cited for running down man named Lord Jesus Christ in western Massachusetts crosswalk

Lord Jesus Christ (his real name) hit by Mass. car

Vomiting dog causes Minnesota man to crash car into utility poll, Minnesota police say

Police: Vomiting dog causes man to crash into pole

Pilot crashes after seeking directions from tractor driver in Russia

Pilot asks tractor driver for directions, crashes

Is this Stavropol? In Russia, pilot crashes small plane seeking directions from tractor driver

Russia: Pilot tries to ask directions and crashes

Man charged with drunk driving crashes into car of judge who spared him jail in ‘98 DUI case

Alleged drunk driver hits judge he faced in 1998

Boy, 8, takes family’s van to get gas and crashes; father says son wanted to do something nice

Ohio boy, 8, takes family van for gas, crashes

Upset emu attacks Texas deputies; snarls traffic before dying

Mad emu attacks deputies along El Paso freeway

Atlanta police capture zebra after escape from circus and downtown chase that ends on highway

Police capture escaped zebra in downtown Atlanta

Teen crashes parents’ car through doors of Wash. high school, drives 75 yards down the hall

Teen crashes car into school, drives down hall

NM road crash turns into 238-pound pot bust

NM road crash turns into 238-pound pot bust

Lumber truck driver hits bump and chokes on Wendy’s chili, crashing into Mass. home, police say

Truck driver chokes on chili and crashes into home

Philadelphia police puzzled after woman somehow manages to crash car into her own house

Pa. woman manages to crash car into her own home

Otters break free from cages in plane’s cargo hold, delaying Ohio-bound flight for an hour

Escaped otters delay Ohio-bound flight in Houston