South Dakota businessman wants refunds for people ticketed after caught on red light cameras

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

South Dakota man wants red light camera refunds

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — A Sioux Falls businessman wants the city and Redflex Traffic Systems to pay back the money to people ticketed after getting caught on their red light traffic cameras.

The Argus Leader reports that I.L. Wiedermann, who sued the city over the automated system’s constitutionality in 2006, appeared in court on Monday with his lawyer to ask Judge Kathleen Caldwell to turn his case into a class action for a third time.

The goal of the class action is to force the city and Redflex Traffic Systems to refund more than $2.48 million in fines collected since the cameras were installed at 10th Street and Minnesota Avenue in 2004.

Caldwell already has denied a similar request on two separate occasions, saying those who paid their tickets had admitted their guilt and waived their right to contest the fine.

An amended version of Wiedermann’s complaint identifies two classes of people affected by the traffic cameras: those who have paid fines and those who have contested them.

The cameras were shut down in June after Caldwell ruled that the city violated state law when it issued civil penalties for the criminal act of red light running.

About 20,000 vehicle owners had received $86 tickets since May 2004.

Caldwell said she will issue a ruling in about two weeks.

Information from: Argus Leader,

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